Platea (Located in Southlands)
6105 S Main St | Aurora, CO 80016
(303) 928-7550

About Us

Rick Garcia, founder and CEO of Platea is very passionate of all Latin American cuisine. Born in Los Angeles to immigrant Mexican parents, Rick grew up experiencing a rich variety of Latin American cooking. From the traditional dishes his mother and grand mother, both natives of Chihuahua Mexico, would prepare at home, to the many street vendors found in L.A. inspiration was never in short supply.

Having founded Ajuua!! Mexican Restaurants in 1998 with his father, Liberato, from Jalisco, Mexico, Rick brought his vision of authentic Mexican Cuisine to Colorado. Now Rick is expanding his vision to all Latin American street food!

Rick partnered with longtime friend Sergio Garcia, a Colorado native who has a long resume of Spirits expertise. Sergios' passion with all things beverages has armed him with all the knowledge needed to design all of the craft cocktails, all the craft beer and all the wines on Plateas' menu.

Together Rick & Sergio bring you Platea! Enjoy!

Location | Contact:

Platea Latin Eatery & Cantina
(Located in Southlands)
6155 S Main St | Aurora, CO 80016

(303) 928-7550


Happy Hour:

Mon - Fri, 3:00pm - 6:00pm

$5 Porecitos Drinks & Sangrias

$1 off all draughts


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